One form of Self-love

“Expectations lead to disappointments” they say. “Don’t expect anything from anyone” they advice. Phrases so deeply harvested in our minds, that they have become undetachable parts of our souls. We have even come to tie expectations with disappointments, oblivious to the fact that it’s not our expectations which disappoint us; but rather it’s humans who … More One form of Self-love

Standing on a sinking ship. Not sitting, but standing. You either wait for that ship to sink and take you with it, or you jump and throw yourself to the depth of the unknown. Because with standing comes choice, isn’t that what we are told? If you stand up for yourself, you win; and winning is … More

The Notion of Loss

“It’s okay, we all lose people” I was told. As if the idea of feeling pain becomes a little more bearable if everyone is feeling it. But when did losing someone become an “okay” thing? When did the suffocating sensation of having your soul be sucked out of your body become a thing to accept … More The Notion of Loss

A Leap of Faith

You have to learn to love and enjoy your own company. For in the most crucial times, that might be the only company you have. Trust me, for I have learned that the hard way; that now, I prefer my own company over anyone else’s. And that my friend, is both a blessing and a curse. … More A Leap of Faith